The Gently Mad is an interview show about what drives us as creators and connects us as people. Each week, we explore the stories, experiences and insights of awesome people who make awesome things.

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036: Aaron Draplin

date October 17, 2013 time 1:09:41

Aaron Draplin is a designer. He's an incredibly earnest guy and has done some amazing work over the years. He talked with Adam about how he came to the design field, why he loves it so much and what really matters to him in life.


035: Paul Jarvis

date October 3, 2013 time 1:26:45

Paul Jarvis is a web designer and a writer. He talked with Adam about life in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, as well business, staying booked, writing and his secret to staying energized and avoiding burnout.


034: Jon Lax

date September 27, 2013 time 1:12:31

Jon Lax is the co-founder of Teehan+Lax. He talked with Adam about getting his first clients, growing a design business and two of his favorite things: TLC and Blue Crush.


033: Jeffrey Zeldman

date September 19, 2013 time 1:10:57

Jeffrey Zeldman is an author, designer and founder of Happy Cog. He talked with Adam about the state of the web industry, how it has changed over the years and how raising a daughter has impacted his outlook on who he is and what he does.


032: Paul Boag

date September 12, 2013 time 1:15:06

Paul Boag has been building website since 1994. He's a prolific writer, speaker and podcaster. He talked with Adam about how he got his start, impostor syndrome and how the industry (and the job) has changed over 20 years.


031: Naz Hamid

date September 6, 2013 time 1:30:33

Naz Hamid is a designer and the founder of Weightshift. He talked with Adam about how technology has influenced our lives, the culture of access, busyness and the need to disconnect and of course music. Lots of music.


030: Kai Brach

date August 29, 2013 time 1:32:26

Kai Brach is a designer and publisher of Offscreen magazine. He talked with Adam about growing up in Germany, the freelance life, shipping side projects and, of course, how he he turned his idea for a magazine into his full-time gig.


029: Steve Bristol & Allan Branch

date August 22, 2013 time 1:21:25

Allan and Steve are the creators of Less Accounting. They talked with Adam in hilarious fashion about marketing, clients, growing a product company and, incidentally, Allan's origin at the dawn of time.


028: Elliot Jay Stocks

date August 15, 2013 time 1:22:45

Elliot Jay Stocks, Creative Director of Adobe Typekit, talks with Adam about the shape of the web industry, the importance of side projects, the end of 8 Faces and, of course, craft beer.


027: Ethan Marcotte

date August 8, 2013 time 1:11:09

Ethan Marcotte is a highly respected designer with some amazing projects under his belt. He talks with Adam about burnout, the necessity of unplugging, sustainability in design and why he loves the web industry.


026: Josh Long

date August 5, 2013 time 1:10:53

Josh is a self-proclaimed starter. He's involved in many things, but probably best known as a writer and business strategist. He talks with about what it takes to be successful, designing systems, acting on inspiration and getting things done.


025: Erik Reagan

date July 25, 2013 time 1:17:53

Erik Reagan is a co-founder and the technical director of Focus Lab. He talks with Adam about his background as a musician, the genesis of Focus Lab, growing slowly and the importance of saying no.


024: Chase Reeves

date July 18, 2013 time 1:37:13

Chase Reeves is a designer and most recently a co-founder of Fizzle. He talked with Adam about art, business, how to create memorable experiences with audiences and the creative struggles we all face in life.


023: Iron to Iron

date July 11, 2013 time 1:17:22

Kevin Richardson and Jonathan Christopher talk with Adam about how they started Iron to Iron, why they only take on one client at a time, partnership dynamics and some of the struggles with running a small design firm.


022: Geoff Teehan

date June 27, 2013 time 1:12:39

Geoff Teehan, a parter at Teehan+Lax, talks with Adam about the genesis of Teehan+Lax, finding clients and scaling a business from two people to several dozen.


021: Sarah Parmenter

date June 21, 2013 time 1:13:00

Sarah Parementer, a multi-disciplinary designer and owner of You Know How, talks with Adam about growing up with a supportive family, starting a business at a teenager and a new business she hopes to launch soon.


020: Mike Rundle

date June 7, 2013 time 1:12:46

Mike Rundle is the creator of Design then Code and an iOS designer and developer. He talked with Adam about his path to the web, his thoughts on getting started as an app maker, teaching and some cool new things coming up.


019: Ryan Sims

date May 30, 2013 time 1:35:34

Ryan Sims is Head of Design at Rdio and creator of some truly iconic websites. He talks with Adam about the origins of his design career, the importance of deep friendships and starting life over in San Francisco.


018: Chris Coyier

date May 23, 2013 time 1:20:13

As the brains behind and, Chris Coyier is a man of many talents. We talked about building products, running blogs, podcasting, speaking and challenges faced along the way.


017: Jason Santa Maria

date May 16, 2013 time 1:23:56

Jason Santa Maria, co-founder of Editorially and A Book Apart, talks about growing up in the country, life in New York, design, education, failure, typography and more.


016: Jonathan Christopher

date May 9, 2013 time 1:26:15

Jonathan Christopher is a front-end developer and Co-Founder of Iron to Iron. We talked about how he got into front-end development, the importance of process, priorities, business development and more.


015: Jenn Lukas

date May 3, 2013 time 1:29:08

Jenn Lukas, Interactive Director at HappyCog, talks about her path to becoming a front-end developer extraordinaire, writing and speaking, vegetarian cheesesteaks and ice cream.


014: Yaron Schoen

date April 25, 2013 time 1:24:39

Yaron Schoen, former design lead at Twitter, talks about working for himself vs. a large company, what it was like growing up in the Middle East and how that has affected his career.


013: Chris Bowler

date April 20, 2013 time 59:39

Chris Bowler, co-founder of Fusion Ads and support specialist for Campaign Monitor, talks about life in British Columbia, growing his own food, the importance of contrast in life and what it's like starting and selling businesses.


012: Noah Stokes

date April 12, 2013 time 1:17:38

Noah Stokes, known on the web as motherfuton, talks about the origin of that name, his path from front-end developer to business owner, the power of pForm and music. Lots and lots of music.


011: Kyle Steed

date April 4, 2013 time 1:09:51

Kyle Steed, a well-known designer and illustrator, talks about growing up in the south, how a stint in the military has impacted his life and career and how many various jobs ended up leading him to illustration.


010: Paul Armstrong

date March 28, 2013 time 1:23:55

Paul Armstrong, founder of many things, most recently Chore Monster, talks about his life, family, the many paths his careers have taken and why he wouldn't change any of it.


009: Cameron Moll

date March 21, 2013 time 56:00

Cameron Moll, a multi-talented designer, speaker, author and founder of Authentic Jobs, talks about working on his own product, what he would do differently and the every-changing nature of priorities and how he manages them.


008: Krystyn Heide

date March 14, 2013 time 47:46

Krystyn Heide, a highly-respected designer at Squarespace, talks about life as an early employee of a company that has grown to more than 100, happy accidents, her love for sci-fi and what matters the most to her in life.


007: Phil Coffman

date February 28, 2013 time 1:10:53

Phil Coffman, founder of Method and Craft and Creative Director at Element Creative, talks about Texas, the importance of side projects, what he would do differently if he could and his favorite slice of pizza.


006: Jonathan Moore

date February 21, 2013 time 52:26

Jonathan Moore, founder of Stylehatch, talks about growing a product company, his career path from youth pastor to web designer and the importance of empathy in design.


005: Rogie King

date February 16, 2013 time 51:10

Rogie King, designer and co-founder of NeonMob, talks process, team building, the importance of real connections with people and his hopes of someday opening a tavern.

Matthew Smith

004: Matthew Smith

date February 7, 2013 time 57:52

Matthew Smith, founder of Squared Eye and Greenville Grok, talks about motorcycles, family, the ethics of design and searching for peace in the frenzied world of the web.

Dan Mall

003: Dan Mall

date January 31, 2013 time 52:50

Dan Mall, founder of SuperFriendly, talks about solving design problems in third-grade, how he spent a year prototyping his business, why he left Brooklyn and what's next.

Ismael Burciaga

002: Ismael Burciaga

date January 24, 2013 time 47:05

Ismael Burciaga, founder of Circles Conference, talks about how he went from forensic pathology to web design, his passion for connecting people and his hopes for someday launching a film career.

Brian Hoff

001: Brian Hoff

date January 17, 2013 time 49:55

Brian Hoff, founder of The Design Cubicle, talks about growing up around NYC, why he hated working at Apple and the strangest part of a cow he's ever consumed.